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Are you mining for gold or a diamond in the rough?

Are you mining for gold or a diamond in the rough?

Currently talent is in tight supply and employers are struggling. I wanted to share some of my thoughts on how to look for a “diamond in the rough” individual that may not look good on paper and lacks some experience but would make a great hire. Employers are changing the way they screen and decide if a person might make a possible fit. They are having to hire for culture and potential, then look to train and develop the specific skills they need.

Employers are moving away from making sure every box is checked in a job description full of requirements and certain years of experience. They now have to look for transferable skills and experiences that would help them know if a candidate is a fit into their culture. Since the supply of talent is tight, they need to develop talent versus being able to rely on a certain level of experience or a score from a test.

When hiring for your next great employee, I recommend that you look for someone that can discuss the things they have accomplished and as they do, you look for examples of the below:

Purpose – This person understands and aligns with the purpose and mission of the company. These are the ones willing to put in the extra time, toil and sacrifice to help others.

Servant – Look for people who are not about themselves. They are focused on helping others. They have purpose and have used it to help someone.

Grit – These are the people who have done something that was difficult, required discipline and possibly failure as they strived towards a goal. Many times this person has been on the debate team, played a musical instrument or a sport in the past. They understand what it takes to win, fail and struggle.

Coachable – These are people who have a mindset that they can get better and have been a part of a culture that looked towards success or constant achievement. They have asked and allowed others to help them. They can articulate how they were influenced by a mentor, parent, teacher or former boss.

Positive outlook – These are people who see the glass half full. They see hope and opportunity because their efforts are going to help make things better. These are the people who fail and get back up, again and again. Some struggle and see hope, others struggle and feel beat down.

Learner – These are the people who truly believe that people can learn and grow. They look to learn not to become smarter but to become better for others.

This article is written by Mike Heffner, the owner of the local Greenwood Express Employment Professionals franchise.  Contact Mike at, @IndySouthMike on Twitter or visit