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Associates of the Month

Tyler, July 2017

Tyler’s supervisor said he is a very dedicated and hard working individual. He not only claimed the title of Employee of the Month for Express, he was also announced as Employee of the Month for the client!

Congrats, Tyler!

Jason, June 2017

“They’re a great company to work for. The price of success is hard-work.” Jason;s supervisor had great things to say about him! He mentioned that Jason is always ready to help wherever it is needed.

Congratulations, Jason!

Teresa, May 2017

“I really appreciate the effort Express has put into their employees! I have worked for past temporary services and never received the praise or attention you have shown me!! I am also so grateful for this employment opportunity, hands down a great company, and I owe that to you – thank you for placing me here!! I am looking forward to a long stay at this employer.”

Congratulations, Teresa!


Ivan, April 2017

Ivan’s supervisor has great things to say about him, “Ivan is a no brainer for me. He came in and immediately made an impact on 5th shift. He was hitting rate his 4th week and has averaged 17 lines per hour ever since. Ivan likes to call and volunteer for extra hours on 2nd and 3rd shift which is beneficial for obvious reasons. I’m very hopeful he will get hired when his time comes.”

Congratulations, Ivan!

Irma, April 2017

“Express is the best place to work. The people are so nice and friendly. My supervisor, my team leader, and my coworkers are the best. Thank you Express Employment, you guys are the best!”

Congrats, Irma!


Hoa, February 2017

“I am honored to receive the award of Employee of the Month from Express Employment Professionals. Right from the start, I was impressed by Express’ initiation and professionalism. They took time to know my profile as well as my preferences. More than that, they’re quick to find a company that is a match for me. All in all, Express is very supportive and informative. Thank you!”

Congrats, Hoa!

Britni, December 2016

“They have been so helpful and awesome with everything! I love them and would recommend them to everyone!”

Congratulations, Britni!

Amy, September 2016

“I couldn’t have gone to such a relaxing facility anywhere else. Not only that, but they actually try to find a job that best fits you. Everyone there has been so wonderful and helpful. I appreciate all they have done for me!”

Congrats, Amy!

Sukhwant, August 2016

“It is a great experience working with Express. Thank you!”

Congratulations, Sukhwant!

Kevin, August 2016

“My experience with Express has been absolutely phenomenal. I have never worked with a more dedicated team, top tier work environment, and professional team members. I strive for the very best and Express has allowed me to do that through Alro!”

Congrats, Kevin!

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