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Who Do You Know?

In a world in which the job search is forever evolving and opportunities forever changing, I’ve noticed one thing to keep in mind- it’s no longer about what you know, it’s about WHO you know. Networking is a must, especially when social media is one of the top ways employers are finding prime candidates. “Social media is ruling the world. In the professional aspect, you are either on LinkedIn or you don’t exist.”- Rita Golstein-Galperin.

For those of us who are preparing to be, are currently entering, or are already a part of the workforce, we continue to hear time and time again that networking is key! I recently came across an article, “How to Rock Your LinkedIn Profile in 8 Steps”, on Ms. Career Girl that highlighted several crucial tips to consider when creating your networking site!

Tip #1: Have a good professional photo – It is essential to have a photo on your LinkedIn profile. However keep in mind that the photo should be professional. Therefore, it is preferred that the photo is a headshot only of you and includes professional attire.

Tip #2: Master the right keywords – Keep in mind that the keywords that are used in your profile are much like that of search words on Google. The key words you include on your profile will help recruiters, business partners, and associates find your LinkedIn profile.

Tip #3: Spend extra time on your headline – The headline is what creates the first impression to those who view your profile – it should include who you are and what you do.

Tip #4: Your summary is your pitch – Your summary is a place to show what you stand for, what your vision and goals include, and what core qualities you can bring to the table. The summary’s purpose is to grab the reader’s attention and create a desire to read further.

Tip #5: Add a call to action to your summary – It is essential to end the summary with an invitation for others to connect with you so that you can explain further what exactly you are looking for.

Tip #6: Always include your contact details – Make it easy for those who view your profile to contact you.

Tip #7: Add visual media to your profile – Make your profile appealing. Add photos, videos, and even powerpoint presentations to spice it up a bit!

Tip #8: Connect, connect, and one more time connect– The more connections you have, the higher in ranking you will appear in search results.

Once you have completed the above steps, you will be on the right path to begin networking with business professionals! Keep in mind that LinkedIn allows for you to connect with people far beyond your social reach. So like you’ve heard time and time again – network, network, NETWORK!

This article was written by Kristen Krockenberger, Marketing Intern for Express Employment Professionals in Greenwood. To read the complete article, click here.