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The Importance of Mr. Spock

Perhaps it is because I was raised by a man who owned one too many Star Trek t-shirts- nonetheless, I was immediately intrigued when my eye caught a team leadership post featuring none other than Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk.

Sure, we all have seen the nail biting adventures of Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk and we appreciate the beautiful “bromance” between the two. However, an article entitled “Everyone Needs Their Mr. Spock” made me take a fresh look at their relationship.

It is no secret that Captain Kirk has all the makings of perfect leader: strong, decisive, and handsome. But would Captain Kirk be the confident leader he is without his strongest asset, Mr. Spock? Mr. Spock speaks with logic and utilizes rationality, two important factors Captain Kirk is missing from time to time. Mr. Spock acts as the missing parts the Captain needs, and vice versa. They put each other’s trust in their hands and count on each other. Each man speaks their part and, most importantly, acts as a genuine friend to the other.

Though this example is a little cheesy (I’m sure my father would be proud!) it points out the importance of team leadership and an open mind when working with others. You may never need to save Star Fleet from destruction, however, when it comes to important decisions, acknowledging other people’s ideas and trusting in more than your personal opinions will help you get farther and build better relationships with those around you.

Their relationship is not perfect, nor is any relationship. Situations will arise and at times the disagreement may put a strain on an otherwise strong relationship. However, these times are few and it is important to keep in mind the foundation that has made the relationship strong.

Whether it’s Han Solo and Chewbacca, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, or even Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, good leadership along with building even better trusting relationships will make for a team strong enough to fight off any evil villain trying to destroy your ship…or simply make your business goals a little more attainable.

So as you begin or continue your job search, who can be your Mr. Spock? Is there someone to push and guide you along as you go? Maybe finding that person is just the boost you need to land that dream job.

This article was written by Lauren Hughes, Marketing Intern for Express Employment Professionals.