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The Difficult Monday Blues

I believe the proper term for it is called “A case of the Mondays”.

Scientists and doctors have been looking for a cure for the pesky disease for ages. Symptoms include: stress, whining, trouble getting out of bed, and drinking coffee by the gallons. However, I recently read a blog post on Figuring Out Fulfillment and it appears a cure may be just around the corner! A case of the Mondays may be cured by a positive attitude and the ability to face personal affronts and setbacks.

We have all been there; we walk in to work with our heads held high under the false impression that today is going to be “the day.” Perhaps it is time for the big interview you have been working towards for so long and your motivation level is at an all-time high! And then the big mean hammer comes down and you leave that day feeling wronged and more unmotivated than ever.

In these situations, the most important question is: what do you do, or not do, when you have been “wronged.” The answer: Remain positive. No matter the course of action you decide you take, whether it is speaking up about the situation or simply keeping your mouth shut, be positive.

Yes, being positive is easier said than done. This does not mean that your negative feelings are unjustified nor does it call out any insecurity you may have for not sharing your opinion. By being positive, you are showing that you are in control of your situation and appear intentional.  Your positive attitude will show those around you that you can handle any situation with grace and professionalism- two aspects that will pay off in the long run. A negative attitude can show just the opposite- as someone who has no control and cannot keep a cool head.

Keeping a positive attitude in mind is important no matter the situation-professional or personal. However, it is especially important when undergoing a job search. This is a stressful time and keeping a positive attitude can sometimes seem impossible. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those around you for an extra boost when you need it and always remember that additional opportunities are just around the corner. Remember; never let a case of the Mondays get to you- no matter the day of the week.

This article was written by Lauren Hughes, Marketing Intern for Express Employment Professionals in Greenwood.