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Are You On Summer Vacation From Your Job Search?

It’s summertime and it’s busy. Family vacations, kids are out of school, days by the pool- it all happens within a few short months. Our daily routine has changed from the schedule we are used to. Amidst all the change, we need to remain focused on our priorities. For some people, this is finding a new job. When there are so many other things going on, it can be easy to let this slip through. Are you allowing your job search to be pushed down the priority list?

I recently read an article by JT O’Donnell from CAREEREALISM titled “10 Things To Do This Summer To Advance Your Career.” She offered some great advice on ways to spend your summer that can be socially AND professionally beneficial. Of the things she listed, there were a few that I thought were worth sharing:

1- Socialize as much as possible. Your network of friends, family, and neighbors can benefit your job search. Everybody knows somebody who is looking for a new job. Be a part of that group. You can connect with new friends and re-connect with old friends, add them on social media, hang out and increase the number of people in your network who know you are currently looking for new employment opportunities.

2- Take up a new hobby. O’Donnell explains that taking on a new hobby can help our brains expand and evolve. “Learning something new provides wonderful effects on our physical and mental well-being.” This could help you recharge and re-focus. Taking your mind off your job search for a few hours a day could benefit you in the long run. And what better time to pick up a new hobby than the summertime!

3- Overcome your biggest career obstacle. Sometimes, we just feel stuck. We need to either start all over or find that one thing that will help push us over the edge. O’Donnell states that “Addressing our fears in the form of a mantra that can be repeated over and over is a good way to condition your brain to fight back against the negative self-talk.” Create a mantra and repeat it multiple times per day. Your confidence level will rise and you will feel a new sense to what you are trying to accomplish.

Job searching is a very difficult thing to do, whether you are currently working and looking for the next step in your career, or unemployed and looking to get back into the workforce. It is difficult enough to focus on this in the middle of everything else, but especially in the summertime when the distractions are even greater. Take a step back and think about the end result you are looking for and things may seem a little clearer!

This article was written by Erin Pardue, Recruiting and Marketing Specialist for Express Employment Professionals. To read the complete article, click here. You can find Erin on LinkedIn at